Really Right Stuff MTX gereedschapset

Really Right Stuff MTX gereedschapset
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De MTX multitool is een eigen ontwikkeling van Really Right Stuff, de set bevat een solide schroefhandvat, 22 bitjes specifiek voor Really Right Stuff materiaal en een Bondhus® 3/16"  inbus sleutel.
De set kan worden opgeborgen in de Really Right Stuff Quick Columns!

The Really Right Stuff MTX multi-tool includes one driver handle, 22 bits selected specifically for Really Right Stuff gear, and 1 Bondhus® 3/16" stubby hex key. The MTX tool can even be stowed away inside Really Right Stuff Quick Columns!

A few factors have now led Really Right Stuff to develop a more comprehensive tool choice for RRS gear:

  1. Our product line continues to evolve and expand leading to an ever-increasing number of tool requirements and types.
  2. We insist on using the exact right size of fastener for the intended purpose that is also most aesthetic. This means that we use a combination of US-Standard and Metric fasteners.
  3. You, our customers, have consistently requested an even more convenient way to bundle and carry the various required tools.


We started our search for the really right solution from day one, but in earnest nearly four years ago. The end result had to:
  1. Readily contain all tools required for any given outing with RRS gear.
  2. Provide sufficient torque with minimal effort.
  3. Be pocket-able for immediate use as needed.
  4. Be stow-able in or on our TVC tripods.
  5. Be affordably attainable to our customers.
  6. Add value to our customers’ current stable of RRS gear.
  7. Be super-cool and unquestionably desirable.
Initially we strove to find an off-the-shelf solution that could be readily modified if needed to meet our requirements. We searched the world over and failed. Finally, we resolved to develop our own from the ground up.



  1. Can stow inside TVC-3/2 Series center column so it’s always available when you need it.
  2. Driver handle is nicely textured for grip and comfortably fits the hand.
  3. 10 bits plus one stubby 3/16” hex key (for TVC-3/2 series leg-to-apex joint tension adjustment) fit conveniently inside the handle.
  4. Unique 3/16”-drive bits are compact and allow more tools in the handle.
  5. Cross-tip bits are JIS screw compatible, perfect for most small screws found in today’s cameras.
  6. Can be used as a portable height extender for the TFA-01 Pocket Pod.
  7. The threaded shaft and anodized butt-cap socket are 3/8”-16 industry-standard compatible.
  8. Extra bits are conveniently captured in their own holder, stowed in a compact screw-cap storage canister.
  9. Handsome black nylon handle contrasts beautifully with the stainless steel bit shaft & RRS maroon anodized butt-cap.
  10. The MTX is so compact and versatile you’ll want to outfit every camera bag and car glove box with one!
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