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Leveranciers nummer:SW150NDGHS
Voorraad:1 st. beschikbaar
Geen verzendkosten NL
€ 329.00
LEE SW150 ND Hard Grad set

Leveranciers nummer:SW150NDGMS
Voorraad:In bestelling
€ 329.00
LEE SW150 Neutral Density kit Medium Grad.

The Medium Grad filters are ideal for use when elements of the scene protrude into the sky, be that the rooftops of buildings or the peaks of mountains.
The nature of the transition between coated and uncoated areas of the filter means that the sky can be filtered with minimal impact on the land beneath it.
Leveranciers nummer:SW150NDGSS
Voorraad:1 st. beschikbaar
€ 399.00
LEE SW150 ND Soft Grad set

Leveranciers nummer:SW150NDGVHS
Voorraad:1 st. beschikbaar
€ 329.00
LEE SW150 - Neutral Density kit Very Hard Grad

The very hard ND grad is perfect for scenes such as seascapes that feature a defined horizon line.
The transition between the coated and clear sections of the filter is extremely sharp, allowing for precision separation between the filtered and unfiltered areas of the frame.
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